Monday, April 1

For God's Sake

Hello today is April 1st
So April Fools, I dont know who the hell found it but I had the worst joke of my life today.. My ears omg, I cannot even hold my head stable so I am gonna sleep soon as I cannot bear this bullshit pain but glad that I got rid of stupid pranks.. It doesnt worth though.. Health is the most blessed gift that we are given.. I get it these days as this is the 4th time I went to see a doctor less than a week.. Besides I will see him again on thursday :/ hope that it will be the last time I see him.. Anyway my head is banging right now.. Triple massive headaches from each sides are making me feel like fainting all over here.. So have a good time and prank behalf of me as I dont have any power to laugh or play trick on someone due to the pain.
Bye Bye

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