Tuesday, March 19

Basic Lyric #9

This Love - Maroon 5
I love listening to that song
One of the old time songs of Maroon 5
Lyrics are suitable and reflects my complicated relationsip.

The Closure - Farewell Thee

"Bazen ilk görüşte bilirsin, o insan senin kaderindir bazen bir ömür ararsın bulunmaz."

[Sometimes you would know at first sight that person is your destiny.. Sometimes you seek them for a lifetime but you can never find]

Formspring is shut down !!!
Such a bad news as I have been a member for about 10 months. Time passes so fast but I am not that sad because my best friends are by my side for a lifetime no matter what. Yeah it is true that I made few more friends but I dont think they will be so permanent at all. Time will erase them too.. Of course time will erase @hopeanddarkness as I wont be remembered :)

but I am grateful for my best friend @cashewi for being my first and permanent follower. Would you ever guess that someday I will have 463 followers with 19K smiles? No, I was just spamming to fill her empty inbox so that it doesnt cry :D yeah that is our joke between us. Girl you always bear my ridiculous spam.. ♥ You are a  good role model for interwebs that I follow most of the time as I would never hear about formspring and blogger earlier. Actually it has more deep background such as a guy from my university that I met in Georgia asked me to join interpals and I met cashew there first and I am really grateful. Thank you a lot Cash for bringing me there on formspring [gives her a bear hug] as I never knew that I could meet few more good people. It will be the greatest epic ever in my life maybe.

I wont mention many more formspringers except one more. I dont know how but by time people began to follow me. There was this old man that I avoid of giving his name whose spam I used to like because he was asking some interesting questions. So once I asked that "what would the first thing be that you do if I invited you to my house?" and his dickheaded friend just responded. While I was checking the responses I recognized her ridiculous response. [it is ridiculous for me now but at that time I was fucking pissed off] It was @sstheo as you might guess ♥. 


For some reasons we were the warriors of FS. Many stuff happened and Theo and I  protected each other [kisses her cheek] as much as we could. She really taught me so many things intentionally and unconsciously that I would never be able to learn earlier by myself I guess. Such as how to give people second chances, how to tolerate, how to forgive. The most important thing that I learnt from her was how to accept people as the way they really are.. Thank you a lot for insanity as well and we will continue to do many insane stuff as it is not the end.
So these two girls are the most precious people with whom I could ever meet. My  brightest diamonds, things could have been far different than today now but something  about fate sparkled as a reason then we were destined to be in our lives otherwise our paths would never cross each other. For me everything that is happening has a reason behind, it is either good or bad though. But I am the happiest and luckiest person because I take you guys with me early before the site is shut down. 

I dont mind the others that much because I know that some of them tried to take credit of my account, some of them treated me nice and some of them made use of my account just to respond my spam just because my reputition spreaded out somehow. Some of them also pretended to me so as to take attention of my contacts to have reputition. I know, I know.. I am not that naive but I am just kind hearted to keep a blind eye for a while until the things are out of control. I just saw how people could turn out to be jealous bitches/bastards while we are running out of time.. "Koynumda yılan beslemişim" would be the last sentence I would utter for those  people at all. I shouldnt let it but  I dont care anyway. I feel I am really done and I was expecting to have such a sign so that I could shape my life. I think I got the sign in the morning today...

Some Memories

The End...