Sunday, January 27

Affection Stairs

Is this crush

Omg I can never know, yeah I know but sometimes I just feel so cold, sometimes I feel warmer than it is supposed to be.
I really dont care at all.
So let it go again
Hope that I wont be broken.
I had a good moral after breaking up with
ex bf even if we were together for 4 years.
Who is faulty? Maybe him or me doesnt matter that much as long as you are over right? Over is always over so I dont
need to explain it nor I wanna
remember and ruin my
good mood :)
I told this several times but I want to repeat it again and again. So listen to me guys:
Alas !!!
It is the person who kills himself/herself inside by dragging behind the memories.
So throw them away and be relax.
For sure you can collect the new ones that might be better than the previous ones.
Just a little bit faith to have
Nothing can break this strength in you
So, just for once be brave and set yourself on fire, you cannot learn without turning into ashes but you know that you can reborn
and fresh yourself at a certain time.
You born stronger, 
You grow braver,
Believe in me,you and us.

Ohh by the way I am gonna attach 2 of my mom's flowers..
Yılbaşı çiçeği gets its name from new year because it blossoms during new year
time only :3
Kalp kalbe Karşıdır has heart shaped leaves that is why it is called like that.

[Yılbaşı çiçeği] New Year Flower

Kalp Kalbe Karşıdır [Heart to heart]
That is the name of the flower.

I am loving it !!

We're Walking On Sunshine

What am I? 
Your biggest mistake?