Tuesday, November 20

Das Auto !

Actually I dont like most of the auto commercials whenever they relate the commercials with transformers. Because I really dont like transformers at all. But I liked this one.. By the way wihin commercial I think I saw Edward Cullen was driving the car for a while :D I would really be surprised if Robert Pattinson stared in this commercial too :D

Maybe Coca Cola and Pepsi have the best commercials in Turkey.

Lordina Of The Rings

Personally I dont like wearing rings unless I have to for special occasions. Yesterday I found my silver ring which has been lost for a long time (maybe I havent seen it for 2 years or more) and it made me glad because I believe that this ring brings me good luck. Actually it doesnt have a certain shape but it looks like crown.
The black parts are made of jet, "Oltu Taşı" in Turkish. The city where I studied was famous for jet..

Maybe everyone has something precious that they think it brings good luck no matter it is ridiculous to believe in objects but as being humans we like to console ourself somehow.

Well such a busy and  tiring day is waiting for me as I need to study a bit and I will go jogging in the evening maybe a bit shopping too and and and an interview .. 
Anyway wishing the ring to bring me a piece of good luck today ^^ so that I dont yell and blame with finding it in vain.. LOL. 


" Every single day, things get in my way, someone have to pay for the little things. "

I dont need anyone's reluctant kindness as long as it is not sincere.

That is not drama nor being moody. So If I cry or laugh, for sure it has a reason.

The more we experience sorrow the less we try to hurt, 

The more we suffer the more we care.
I hate people who feel pity for me and I fear of the day when you will think I have a pathetic story.

While life is such an ill-omened and people are so mess, you call me cold, guilty and fucking moody?
Please think twice then.