Monday, January 14

Imaginary Body

How can I pretend that I don't see
What you hide so carelessly? 
I saw her bleed
You heard me breathe
And I froze inside myself
And turned away
I must be dreaming

We all live
We all die
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems
Not what you think
No I must be dreaming
It's only in my mind
Not in real life
No I must be dreaming

Help you know I've got to tell someone
Tell them what I know you've done
I fear you but spoken fears can come true.

It was such a weird day that I told myself 'I must be dreaming' at all. It started good. Pretty good and then turned into garbage at all. So just a question:
If you woke and you were told whatever you had as memory is series of lies then what would you do?
Probably you wouldnt wait for tomorrow to come.
I dont wanna fall to pieces ever again. I just wanna know everything. Everything.

Probably, people sometimes sense the stormy  things before they happen or I dont know.

Some sweet things might turn out to be bitter nightmares. Perhaps it is for measuring how strong could a palm tree stand still against the invincible storms.

Well, maybe I am just tired at all. By the way I receieved an email from my Estonian friend whom I havent seen more than 5 months. She sent me her pictures and I was like that: wow she grew up a lot..I am really glad.

And of course I didnt forget to mention my evening.. 
Firstly I hope that I didnt ruin your happy evening time. I was feeling horrible you know.. But our closure was wondersome. Girl, you are insane :D Thank you Cashew ♥

Yeah that is why I love and adore our friendship. Because it consists of everything we could share without hesitation. It could never been that easy to reach for the peak by falling down. But everything has some sort of "Rise and Fall". 

It will be a bit metaphoric but;
Eventually, you and I - "we" could make the most delicious chocolate cake even though we were lack of some important ingredient e.g chocolate.
Darling, with this creativity and insanity, we dont need to purchase chocolate from the market for our chocolate cake :DDD Hell wait, chocolate is my recipe. Now it is your turn marvellous and magnificent chef, you can bake it with your warmth.. ♥

Bon Appetit !!!


In islam it is forbidden to have tattoo. 
So I can only watch them all around instead of having one for myself but well it is also troublesome to remove it if you dont like or you dont want it anymore.
Well anyway,
 I just share some good ones for my taste.
Of course I wouldnt have large one
but small one so that I can hide
if i dont want it to be seen
by the people.

The head of Medusa always takes my attention

This one is very creative

And this one is very professional

This one is also awesome