Friday, November 16

Arranged Marriage?

Ohh I really feel relieved after a nice shower. It was an another weird day because I felt bored until the evening. My uncle and his wife visited and the real family stories began to be poured out one by one.. Especially arranged marriage stories were the most ridiculous. Maybe I can tell one of them which I found very stupid..

There is a tall handsome guy around his 20s and he lives in city centre. But whenever his parents let him go countryside to get some stuff for them he becomes happier because there lives a beautiful young lady on the way of him. He watches that beauty whenever he passes and tries to flirt with the girl but girl treats him a bit cold because she thinks he is a spoilt son of a rich family.
In summer this guy goes countryside again and by coincidence girl is in the garden trying to trim the roses.. He thinks for a while and decides to help her.. The girl falls for his shining smile and feels a bit shy too.. He directly proposes her to marry and she just says him that she will convince her parents when he sends his parents.. So he promises her to send his parents the next day as soon as possible.

The next day she waits patiently but nobody knocks the door.. She waits the other day but again there is no one at the door.. So she watches outside from her window by thinking that yeah she was right that the guy whom she fell for was playing trick on her.. [ohh noo, that is not the end of the story so keep reading to know what happened to guy.. Well he didnt die nor he was cancer ok??]
Lets go back to the day when handsome guy promised her to send his parents.. On that day he comes back home and tell his parents about the girl, how beautiful, how kind she is.. His parents accept the new bride candidate already. He describes her house to his parents so that they could find easily [in old days girl and guy would never see each other until they get marry]..
The next day his parents go to girl's house and the daughter of the family just sits and waits in her room. Guy's parents open up the topic and tell them their son and daughter  have been inlove for a long time. So girl's parents finally agree to marry this couple..
On wedding day he feels like dying because of happiness but he is impatient to see her beautiful face again because she has veil on her head. After they take each other wife and  husband he lifts up the veil to kiss his beloved...

Wtf?? That is not the girl whom he has been inlove with but he only sees a girl with a turtle face.. He first thinks it is either a sort of nightmare or joke but it is not unfortunately.. He couldnt divorce his either but until he dies he still had her as his wife..

What did exactly happen in this story ?? Well guy's parents went to the nextdoor neighbour of the girl whom their son was inlove with and that family also had daughter. 

The girl whom he loved refused to talk to him  again by hearing that he got married her neighbour's daughter. So maybe she could never face with the reality that he was a victim but not a cheater.

Ohh such a tragedy so should I laugh or feel upset ?? But it was a real story not make up one.. Because the handsome man is my bro in law's dad and the girl whom he got married mistakenly is his mom..

So who wants to have an arranged marriage?
[All the single people already ran away early before I asked this question I guess]. Night Night.


Ohh I just remembered one of his gigs. We really rocked ^^ 
the real song is after 02:20  heheh

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