Wednesday, October 31

Here Opens The World My Window

Something again woke me up from my deep dreams early in the morning..I dont need alarm clock anymore as I got used to waking up by myself..My room was orange, yeah it was the time of sunrise ^^ So I got up and slided the curtains to the right. I checked outside in my night gown whether the guy in next apartment at his window or not as I really feel sick of him.. Eventually I took these pictures from my window.. Well not that good but I just wanted to add over here.. Tomorrow I wont be home for few days so it was better not to miss my chance to watch outside because I will miss home for sure...

Ohh by the way winter is coming slowly..This will be my first winter after 4 years studying time in another city.. Climate is warmer in my hometown comparing in the city I studied.. Probably it is snowing there already and I am missing it :(((( But it is raining here now ^^ So it is better to go out and take a walk.. See you!
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2/20 Flags Of The World


If someone asked me to fraw canadian flag I would suck at it as i am not really good at drawing.. I would just paint a white paper into red from each sides and leave the middle of the page empty xD But you know sometimes being practical doesnt work on things..Anyway

Are the places to go !!! For sure
Keywords: ice hockey, waterfall, legal gay marriage, melting pot, French, stupid countryside boys, canadian independency, morgen stern, northern lights, immigrants, turkish markets, no certain culture, cold weather <3 warm and cute people, canadian curling team [they were cute in 2011 Universiade, Winter olympics at my university city]

Ohhh I wanna go skating over there ^^

How wonderful it could be if I just spent christmas time in canada !! I love everything cold so it doesnt matter...

Sisterhood ^^
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