Wednesday, October 31

Here Opens The World My Window

Something again woke me up from my deep dreams early in the morning..I dont need alarm clock anymore as I got used to waking up by myself..My room was orange, yeah it was the time of sunrise ^^ So I got up and slided the curtains to the right. I checked outside in my night gown whether the guy in next apartment at his window or not as I really feel sick of him.. Eventually I took these pictures from my window.. Well not that good but I just wanted to add over here.. Tomorrow I wont be home for few days so it was better not to miss my chance to watch outside because I will miss home for sure...

Ohh by the way winter is coming slowly..This will be my first winter after 4 years studying time in another city.. Climate is warmer in my hometown comparing in the city I studied.. Probably it is snowing there already and I am missing it :(((( But it is raining here now ^^ So it is better to go out and take a walk.. See you!
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