Tuesday, October 16

Wings Of The Butterflies

Life is always indifferent to humanbeing, it is always hard, it is always cruel but it is not always dreadful. We never recognize that life is fair indeed.. For example if you have 13 pebbles strength to resist then life puts your obstacles equal with 13 pebbles, neither much nor less than this. Some have 6pebbles and some have 25pebbles burden so it is better not to complain as we are strong enough as much as we bear.

Besides if the world is bad then deal with it as it is just part of it because you have the strength in your veins as long as your heart beats. I dont tell those to flatter you, I tell these because it is the fact that what is supposed to be. We have to be strong as we are not made for giving up easily dear.

There will be some days

When you will feel there is no such difference between you and the others. But you will never want to be that simple to fade away in a huge crowd. This fear will be the leading trigger.Therefore you will have to try hard to create your own difference. To be the most different.

There will be some days

When you will think you have found your greatest match. You and your significant other will like and reflect the same color. You will receive what you give. Even you will give more to receive. That will make you realize that you dont profit anymore as it is not the exact match but a temporary impression. So you will feel you need to leave as it is in vain to stay although you might feel it is like killing yourself, but you have to survive somehow so it will be your reason to move on for the sake of seeking what you lack.

There will be some days

When you will feel totally isolated as you will think nobody understands you nor you understand anyone as if you have been sleeping for ages and just woke up and trying to find your own place. You wont feel like going out of your jar although the breath you take will make you feel like drowning you in a deep ocean.

There will be some days

When you will think you made up your mind. You will feel such a relief when you think of your past and you will be proud of your victories. You will set yourself free, free to rest yourself first, early before you are ready to fly and embrace the sky again. You will feel the wind sometimes for and against you. Sometimes it will blow back of you to reach for the high and sometimes it will hit from front to make you fall but still you will seek for some new adventures which will return you as experience.

Of course there will be some friends

Who will change color like a chameleon, sometimes they will treat you they choose as they like and sometimes they will be selfish and doubleface to hurt. There will be some days you will be carried on the top of them and sometimes they will roll you to the ground and kick too. But just try to remember the bliss you have had with them.

For sure out of all these there will be some perfect progress

When you will feel you learnt a lot from your good and bad deeds. You will have a collection. A great collection what is made of your own experiences. Experiences will be your armor, shield, dress, mask etc. You will take off one and then wear the other whenever you desire to protect yourself, whenever you will need to disguise your inner thoughts to look so shallow or sometimes you will change your mask to give a sign you are ready for the new experiences.

But that is all you as

Your SELF will never ever change. You will be always cared and loved by the real ones whom you will never recognize. They will keep themself out of your world stage so that you stand on your own feet but they will be there for you to back up whenever you feel you lost your faith. TO BREATHE SOME COURAGE INTO YOU.
So come and land on my finger whenever you need.Sometimes silence even works when you feel you have an accompany. I cant be the dearest nor the sweetest but I could at least try to be the resting place for you to find everything what you exactly in need.
Near or far doesnt matter, whatever.Sincere people are for that in our lives.You are special, please keep that in your mind. And ....

*YoU aRe NoT aLoNe*