Sunday, June 10

A Moment To Always Remember

Well of course like other people I have had some moments I could never forget, I am so grateful to be with me somehow guys to share !!! Here some of them are,

Ayşe's Birthday.. who is Ayşe?? The one with green.. It was a perfect birthday party that we had much fun with the most crazy person ever (the one sitting by my side with light blue jean) :D 

 Here we go.. how pure we were while giving a pose but how about Cenno?? She could spoil it in a second .. but where the hell she was looking at???

The surprise visit of my sisters when I was in university.. I took this picture early before we burst into laughter... But still some clues of the explosion that is on their faces :D

My 20th birthday !!! Thank you ''Tuğba'' for being with me on that day, that is how strong the friendship is.. We had to come over many thing after all.. But strong friendship never ever fails, that is what I have had experienced !!!

 Who wants to have some cake?? 2 candles :D cuz I became 20, so I think I can interpret it like that.. as zero means nothing itself so 20 is symbolized with 2 candles and nonexistent candle :D
by the way I look so lame here :D

Still don't know why I have that kind of picture.. but my sister and mom were crazy cuz oy my hair style.. Mom was like that ' either straighten them all or do it all curly as u look like hippie all around ' ahahahaha... MOM MOM MOM.. Well you can never know how it looks unless you see your own after few years....You were right somehow but I don't feel regret :D It was still cool somehow...

The main exit of the dormitory area.... Non-stop rain just screwed all of us outside but we are still living :D well I miss you guys.. :(((((((

Another rainy day and I am out again... But I wonder why people say that I look like moon-walk dancing in this picture??? Me, myself and Moon-walk under the rain?? :D But thanks God as my nose doesn't fall !!

 Do you believe that it was one of the poetry class that I took?? with my classmates.. We just convinced the lecturer as the weather was great in spring time.. We are supposed to seek for the poetry in nature, are not we?? :D

I don't really know whom I was texting with at that time but it was Buket's birthday..I think someone wanted to send it mom to threaten me by saying '' your daughter will die and be buried with her mobile'' ... But don't worry guys, it is under my control :DDDDDDDD

Betül and I, traditional '' Erzurum Evleri (Houses) '' dresses... And the date is great 10.10.2010 but I wish the time was 19:19 too...Betül was my best friend within first 3 years of University and then something went wrong between us that I still don't know what it exactly is and our frienship failed somehow.. But that doesn't mean I will never remember her !!!

My diary.. The first time, Justina,my Lithuanian friend since 2006 wrote me an acrostic poem.. actually it is the first poem I was written..I was so glad cuz nobody ever wrote me a poem even though I wrote many people poems !!! 

There was still 1 year left for my graduation but it feels cool when you take the gown of your roommate's graduation gown and act like you are the one who is going to graduate..Well my graduation gown was dark red lined... I don't like green but isn't it still good???

 Here are the girls and shopping in winter time... It is like ''top boot'' commercial... But hell yeah we are the best models ever !!!

Football on ice !! year 2007 and I am the number 1 ( of course the goal keeper) I have to admit that I enjoyed a lot, everything was in a sudden that we were playing football in school's garden and my english teacher ( technical director ) asked me to stay on goal area... He noticed the talent that I have quick reflex as I can grab everything while falling or moving.. So the story of woman football team began like that.. Many teams are founded after all but We were the winners all the time, Although I played for about 2 years, I visited 2 different cities and had more than 8 matches..Penalty was the worst thing I come across... Briefly we had great time !!! 

Another picture when we were training !!! LOL the one who s holding the ball on the left is Tuğba ... Years have changed us in a great deal !!!!

Here in the class...spring time with my friend Betül !!! Whether friends or not currently, there is always a moment to remember, for sure !!!