Wednesday, April 3

I Am So Done , Fuck You

Hello again...
I am pissed off so much, maybe I am fucking done this time.. I am so done.
One of that moment when I totally hate damn people and myself.. So I am writing these to screw and swear at you some mother fuckers who try to be in my life..

Why am I fucking always on procrastination? 

Damn bitches.. Fuck you as you get benefit from me for only whenever you need me at all.. Yeah, your little asshole son needed an narration for his English project homework so I was the one who came to your mind first right? Where the fuck have you been for a long time whenever I needed one of my cousin to talk? Or have you ever called me to keep in touch? No, people are so damn for good days only. They are always with me whenever I am glad but whenever I need someone to cry they just get lost. Bitch I dont need you then, go to the hell and suck my balls.

Here is one another asshole sucker bitch who just says me "hello" whenever she has some stories to tell.. Yeah ofc she picks me because nobody can bear your fucking damn spoiled ass right? You dont even ask how I am but just end up with telling all of the stuff about you.. I have never seen such a selfish, self centered  whore like you indeed.. Yeah I tell these here because if I told all of these to you then you would be more fucking than a shattered mirror, you pathetic fragile.

There is this another friend that I am ashamed to call her "my friend".. Fuck you and your constant lies at all as you benefit from me and take all the advantages because I am known on some sites.. Go die away from me. And another guy whom I used to like.. You also try to get the benefit at all..Yeah I might act the fool but I am never.. Fuck you top to bottom, earth to space.. How idiot you guys are.. You cant let me down at all, I dont need you and your lies to keep me busy all around as I am not a kid.

Why? Why me?

Mother fucking asshole sucking retards. So fuck the hell off, I dont even want your presence from 1km away.. Fuck you cunts and dickheaded pigs.. You are a birth error.. You are the biggest mistake.. Fuck your genes and chromosomes. Pity the mother to have a shit like you. I am sure she wouldnt give birth if she knew what you are gonna turn into..

I am fucking done, that is enough.. Thanx for teaching me again that;

Trust no one...