Tuesday, January 22

Dursun Zaman

Capture the most precious moments you have
Because someday you might never have again
You cant also get the time back you know it very well
You could never expect it to feel mercy upon you either
Besides you cant beseech as nobody will hear your voice
Only you could save them as memories in your archieve
Someday you take them out and cry over and over
Sometimes those memories put pretty smile on your face
But I know you would never feel regret to have them
Even if they become the reason of your running tears
I know you would give a deep sigh and continue to live
For the sake of your beloved, even if they left you hurt
So either dont complain as that is always the way it is
Or remove them from your own skin then cremate
Because the fact that ashes are lighter than a dead corpse.

The Only One I Wish I Could Forget

I dont wanna be without you babe
I dont wanna play that part.
No, I am feeling weird again.
I am tired of this mood changes.
One day goes good and
the following day seems sorrowful.
But I cant stop to keep myself
from thinking.
What have I done to myself.
I ruined everything at all
and I cant fix 
no matter how hard I try.
Will you help me then?
Will you be with me 
and be my eternal relief?
I cant find you in others.
So show yourself
Just for once.