Thursday, July 12

Today's Poem

While I am trying to find you, I am tired of losing myself.
It will be a bit weird but wherever I go, you're just with me.
Should I hold on the sweetest memories and walk away?
Say yes, but I just don't know where to go from here.

Tell me, what am I? Small pieces of a thorn paper?
Last baccy of your cigar or a reckless passer-by?
While being together how could we have come this far?
Now, are we the strangers sitting on a bank side by side?

We were like moon and sun, you would give me light
And shine to blind my eyes, I'd not dare to look at you.
You would run everyday and behind I would chase you.
If I could touch you, I would burn that is what I know.

But it'd worth to touch for once, even the cost is too much.
It's the love's most beautiful side and the sweetest sacrifice,
Whatever happens it is time not to give up right now because
I am the phoenix, I'll reborn from my ashes to be with you.
                                                                         *Your Phoenix*

           One of my friend asked me to share my poems on my blog too. Thank you for the nice idea!!