Sunday, March 3


The western world's aspect of the east. I mean the east in the eyes of west. Ok I am not gonna mention my literary criticism classes :DDDDD
Everything began like that;

My eye is on you

I took this picture to send a friend to kid with her then I got an idea to tease.. Why dont I cover my head totally by leaving my eyes visible at all?? LOL.. So I was gonna pretend to be an arab but I am not sure if I look like ninja or arabic women :D
Stay there.. I am gonna upload the picture: 

Here, my aim was to cover head at all but it brought more  ideas.

Such like this.. I know I am crazy, there are some moments nothing can hold me.. Suppose that I wake M. up such like that. I swear she never be able to sleep back again LOL.

And of course a ninja is supposed to have ninja sword.. But I have dagger instead haha

It tastes good xD

Anddddd a bit overal one even though I look ridiculous..

I had so much fun indeed..

Basic Lyrics #1

Broken - Evanescence ft. Seether

I love listening to this song when I am alone
I love singing when I am feeling lonely
I love the lyrics as they are meaningful
This song sometimes makes me feel crying
The first time I saw the video, I was 14

Ay, Ay Kahroldum

Gökyüzüne yazdım adını binlerce yıldızla
Aldırmadı, gülüp geçti çağrıma.

Göze aldım, dağları deldim
Çölleri, denizleri aştım geldim
Ama nafile, bakmadı gözyaşıma

Ay, ay kahroldum
Düşe kalka peşinde maskara oldum.

Ay, ay unutuldum
Karda kışta kurda kuşa yem oldum

[I wrote your name up above the sky
with hundred of stars
You didnt care, but laughed at my call

I dared everything, ripped mountains
I came by your side by crossing the deserts and seas
But in vain, you didnt care my tears

Ay, ay I am damned
I became a fool stumbling behind you

Ay, ay I am forgotten
I became a prey for wolf and birds in winter]

Biiiiiyuuutuuufuuulll Fiiiiiiliiiiinnnngggg

Morning !!!
I woke up to a new day with hope. I want today to be very peaceful and relax because it is sunday. Even if I am sick physically I am fine mentally I guess but I dont really know what is waiting for me at the end of the day. I dont want to give in easily because it is not late for anything.. I dont wanna spend today in hospital too like I did yesterday, my blood pressure was low in the evening though 9/4 and normal one is supposed to be 13/8.. It constantly made me feel like passing out anywhere I found :/ but well I did was to sit my bro in law and my niece/nephew in sitting room by putting my head on the edge of the armchair by acting like I am okay.. Something is really weird with me.. My niece studies science-maths and I swear she is really smart, I asked her a maths question to teach me the shortest method of it and she couldnt solve it xD so I did somehow in a short time which surprised her. She said that "auntie, your brain is really wasted, you could have studied medicine, it is not late yet as universities began to be full with people who are over 24 years old." I just mocked her that "yeah you wanna me have my 2nd diploma at the age of 30s right?" and we giggled.. Hope she studies medicine as she wishes.. I just recognized something that made me happy, for the first time someone in my family is proud of me and it is that 16 years old girl [my niece].. And she will be the 2nd member of the family who is slightly open minded and who will follow my way by getting rid of these bigots..I saw the light in her ^^
Texting with my ex also made me feel alright yesterday.. He knew I was sick few days ago and called to ask how I am.. Then said "you are the smartest girl as far as I know, could you give me some advice?" I helped him on something very complex.. I know we could never be the same again but I swear I cannot hate any person anymore.. I forgave him but I wont involve him in my life ever again because I am not inlove with him, maybe I love someone but that is not exactly my ex and maybe I think I feel I am crushed again.. I really dont know but I swear I will suffer again by keeping it inside.. But I am also afraid of runing the things. Anyway the matter of love always sucks..
One more thing.. What the hell is wrong with some people?? I used to have two good friends from highschool and I introduced both of them to each other. We three were good friends but then they left me out lolol and they began to get closer to each other.. So they gave up calling or texting me.Yeah it always happens I dont mind, but the thing is that , why still people love gossiping about the others who dont even keep in touch?? Let me tell you the story, one of them texted me few days ago by saying I was in urgency because of my face.. Duhhh -_- I told her her yeah I was in urgency but not cuz of my face, your news resourse is half wrong.. She was like that: ohhh please tell me what happened then??.. I just told her how could she know I was in urgency as long as we dont keep in touch for a long time?? .. One of the nurse was her friend and told her my name.. Whao the fuck that nurse is? and how does she know me even while I dont know her..I told my friend that I have problem with my period regularity.. Yeah she doesnt need to know the triths and she was satisfied with my answer, pfff.. It really made me.go craxy because she is fucking damn curious and has no shame to ask what is wrong with me at all although they cut the connection few months ago, yeah she can ask but she even didnt tell get better soon.. She just learnt what she wanted and never texted back lololol.. Yeah we will have all kind of friends in our lives..From gossip types to curious ones, from liars to fake ones..All kinds :) that is why experiences prevent us to have new friends I guess.. I say myself that Beyza it is an another experience to keep in your archieve..I just try to figure the things out... So nobody knows me that deep inside but surface except my two best friends ♥♥ [they are painted in blue] and they are living in another countries, I wish we could live closer but someday we will meet in person, I really hope that...
Besides I wont let this annoying thing to ruin my day :) I dont need many friends.. I need friends who understand and accept me as the way I am..With my mistakes,with my worst fucking moody manners, with my bad sense of humour and with my insanity...
Andddd I cannot skip this !!!
I spent the whole night with M... Night? xD almost sun was gonna rise haha.. Girl sorry to let you down but I think I am at the beginner phase for migraine.. Massive headaches and I cant stand the light and noise and ffff I feel like crazy and pills do not wotk but I spent few hours to download your damn word games until I find the true one  and kik with you :DDD maybe now I have the game.. Our eyes were hurting but we were still kidding and teasing each other.. That is the best part of the friendship and a good sacrifice.. I thank you so much, I owe you and I am.really glad that you got rid of the bad mood for a while.. I know you did it for me that is why I adore you bottom of my heart..

It is unrelated but suddenly I remembered the parody of "as long as you love me" that I watched on youtube yesterday.. hihihihi..
But I am gonna share the original one.

Baby I know this is our song LOL.

I love you guys.. I really love you ^^
How happy to have such brilliant best friends in my life..

Omg, It is biiiiiyuuuuuuutuuuuufuuuullll

Heavenly.. Who says that there is no heaven on earth?

Resource: Potato

Hey moron, special thanx for the pictures ^^
Omg sorry for this disorganized entry as I should have said bye bye after the part "How happy ... " but well my mind is like garbage can so I share whatever I think of..

So the true and the best friendship is like this:
>> Peeling orange continuously when the other one desires quietness
>> Giving banana when the other one is freaking moody
>> Hiding into fireplace and stay there till the things settle down so as not to be killed by the other
>> Crying, doing nothing together, leading a warm conversation, playing games, kiss/ kick/ hammer/ hug each other when one or both of the sides are down..BASICLY SHARING WHATEVER YOU HAVE..

I know we are insane :3333 

That is best damn thing that makes the friendship