Sunday, March 3


The western world's aspect of the east. I mean the east in the eyes of west. Ok I am not gonna mention my literary criticism classes :DDDDD
Everything began like that;

My eye is on you

I took this picture to send a friend to kid with her then I got an idea to tease.. Why dont I cover my head totally by leaving my eyes visible at all?? LOL.. So I was gonna pretend to be an arab but I am not sure if I look like ninja or arabic women :D
Stay there.. I am gonna upload the picture: 

Here, my aim was to cover head at all but it brought more  ideas.

Such like this.. I know I am crazy, there are some moments nothing can hold me.. Suppose that I wake M. up such like that. I swear she never be able to sleep back again LOL.

And of course a ninja is supposed to have ninja sword.. But I have dagger instead haha

It tastes good xD

Anddddd a bit overal one even though I look ridiculous..

I had so much fun indeed..

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