Friday, January 18

Feel What I Feel

Actually I am very sleepy right now to write but anyway..
Today I just went out and bought some stuff ^^ I also took many pictures of my city so as to show my friends.. I guess I walked more than 5km.. So I am very tired now. I went to the places where my dad had 3 shops. I am not sure if they know me around there but they really know my dad so probably if i told my surname then they would figure it out that I am his daughter.. 
I just saw how they turned my dad's shop into  a weird shop that sells stupid bags.. Ohh it made me upset but I cant do anything about it.. I just sat on a bank before the shop and dreamt the places that I used to play when I was a kid. It broke my heart more.. Anyway I just dont wanna write about it more.

Theda and her friend were out today,so she also took many pictures of her city and sent me. How beautiful it is..

And Cashew, your drawing is wondersome ♥

That is all for today..
Night Night