Tuesday, January 15

When You Call My Name

I am just speechless right now
Because I recognized/I was recognized again that simple little things make me the happiest person in the world.
Yeah I hate this life mostly somehow
But if I didnt exist
then how would I taste some
 colours and beauties of this life?
Yeah I would be a ghost.
Such a sad ghost then
spinning around so that people feel me
just for once.
But hell, I had the greatest day ever
People around me were out of expectation.
I dont know if you know how to make a good turkish coffee or do you know the difference between turkish coffee and coffee?
Turkish coffee has layer that consists of bubbles like latte..
So my neighbour was here and I really hate
the tradition that I make coffee whenever she comes -_-
Otherwise mom freaks out

By the way it was my first trial to sing in Croatian. It turned out to be so hard when i had to face with "srca" word..
"Pismo moja" was a good song maybe but well hard to sing as well.. Especially for me because of some consonants.


And Cashew
Thank you for "Kauas Pois"
instead of singing but talking all around
LOL kidding, I am very glad that you
made that speech :)
With "Snuff" and "Choose to be me"
you are wondersome my dear
I love your voice
Niteee Niteee

Damn Cold Night

Last night I just had nervous breakdown.
I stuck on my table and lay there for hours 
because I had no power to move myself
I was not functional briefly. Besides
I dropped a bottle of water on me.
From my neck to tummy 
I soaked up and got frozen.
I needed to change my clothes but 
omg I was really numb that
I could hardly reach to the bed
then I fell asleep like that wet.

When I woke up I felt like I am listening to
Soilwork - Distance 

You will never face conclusions
You will get what you want
Am I really an exception?