Sunday, February 10

I Wont Go Bed Without You

Hi again,
I am feeling better, thanx God but I feel weak and writing these under my blanket because I am freezing and little bit dizzy.. Anyway.
Do you know what? People live with their dreams. If they didnt have any then they would never be able to survive. Dreaming is the leading factor to struggle against the things we face at all.. The desire of reaching for the things we wish to have just makes us logically and emotionally be funtional.. By means of it we hold on to life more tight than usual.
So keep dreaming and believing in your dreams guys.
I swear now I am done and gone :DDDDD

Kiss Of Death

I guess I was poisoned by my medicine because I threw up few hours :( Now I feel cold, very cold.. From bone to flesh.. Omg hope I dont die because I have many things to do. Massive headache and feeling dizzy. Sorry..
Night Night.

Fortune's Play

In the morning I was just telling some verses while I was sleeping then I got up from my warm bed and wrote those lines:

Written all of the dialogues of our play
It is time to perform our roles in best way
We can never have free will of us again
As we are the only players, hard and plain
My tongue rolls behind my lips for you
Your eyes are gazing at me like my foe
But none of us dares to tell the truth
Take the first step if the heart was smooth
Alas, those lines dont let us to be reunited
I can never reach the soul that's desired
Just lies covered our stage like dark clouds
I wait for the rain to wash away our flaws
You said: "A match to lit to see our world"
Mine was: "Pity,cant see,yet I am doomed"
Then cruel silence sent its freezing winds
Whatever I do, I cannot purge those sins
My body suffers in sorrow as a caged deer
I hear your sweet voice echoing in my ear
For I am lost in my own deep anxieties
You shatter my honour into little pieces
The more I want to touch the more you flee
Your heart feels,but eyes dont want to see
So we keep acting for we have no chance
As we'll never sense each other's presence
Eye to eye, soul to soul, heart to heart
Yet fortune's sake we are fallen apart.

A Hole Inside My Heart

It is around 12:30am right now but I feel as if it is 5pm.. Time is always quick whenever I am glad, whenever I dont want to waste.. And it is very slow whenever I get bored. I dont know what to do but for sure I dont wanna be dissolved like sugar in water again because I will get hurt first and then hurt.. You can never know how evil I am if I want because I am cursed and tended...But obviously running away is always the best solution in some circumstances.. Running away from myself and be lost again before no one recognizes my absence..
Night covers everything that has to be hidden with its darkness, everything sleeps except thoughts and nightmares. Even nightmares get wilder and wilder, more tyrant to torture my soul as if I am paying for the cheer I have whole day long. But night also brings grief and the pieces of the evil. At that time I only wish one thing: Wake me up, wake me up to the pure daylight but I get worried again, what if I get blinded? What if I cant see and live? Then the breath I take ... it will be burden for me more than usual. So stamp my mouth with your virtues and leave me alone there with my own solitude..