Monday, December 24

What's Wrong?

These days I just dont feel alright.. Maybe I am in conflict with myself.. My mind is like a garbage can and I cannot find some reasons to make myself move on. I am stuck with the past so i cannot live my present.. Please dont tell me about the future thingy as I really dont know what will life bring me. I wanna these years pass away or just stop at all.. Tomorrow I become 23. It is depressing me, well yeah it was me who wanted to grow up when i was 17 but well my best age was 19. No more.. I am not afraid of ageing, I am just afraid what I am gonna face with. It has never been easy for me to come this far..
I took a walk in the morning..
It is raining and I love rain you know..
But I recognized that I feel bored of rain too.
There is no snow yet..
Even if snowed I know that I would be bored of it too as seasons doesnt entertain me.
I try to see the things from the bright side, but maybe I am too blinded or my light got so dim to illuminate my way.
I just keep losing my way.
I dont know what is wrong with me.
But I never felt this way before.
So I need some kind of salvation.
Do you hear?