Friday, June 22

Remember When It Rained !!

             Rain, rain and rain...
       I am the girl of gloomy weather. Who knows, maybe because I was born on a rainy day of beautiful spring ?? So let the rain over me !!!
                       Rain is one of my inspiration
                   Rain washes away every dirty things
                         Rain is good to walk under
                           Rain drops are so cute 
                   We owe the fresh soil scent to rain
                             Rain is falling in love
                              Rain is art of God
                    Rain is the purest tears of nature  

Rain is the most beautiful weather event that we could ever have !!!

      There is a story about rain which I heard when I was a child.. I had to be told because I used to get scared of rain storms.. I am really bad at telling a story but  let me try :)))

''Once upon a time there are 3 clouds in the shape of prince, villain and a princess.. Prince and princess are inlove with each other such a long and of course villain cloud is inlove with the princess but he knows that princess loves the prince.. While prince and princess are together over the sky, villain challenges the prince, so the sound of thunder we hear is the hit of their armor and shield..

And the lightening we see is the halo of the gorgeous prince..Villain thinks that he cannot beat the prince down on his own so he plays trick on prince by asking for help from the other bad hearted clouds. After all dark clouds surround the prince and the villain cloud stabs the prince by his heart..The prince dies in the arms of princess cloud. The falling rain drops from the sky are the tears of the princess who is shedding them by the side of her lover's lifeless body..''


That is exactly the way I love to do !!! <3 

The moment when all the words are spent... THE END
                        (My blog is the only place to reach the closure of the story with a happy ending)

So guys!! Wish you have a rainy day with full of love ;)