Thursday, November 1

Take Me Away From Here

Such an awful day to go crazy!
Especially giving blood... You know that I really hate hospitals as it reminds me of some bad stuff. I directly go pale and begin to sweat. I cant stand at all, I feel something crushed and choking my throat as I cant gulp down..

There are many patients, many injured people. Emergency department is awful to see because it speeds up my heart beats, ambulance sirens are freaking, ohh God luckily I am not over there and I wont need surgery. Just injections even they make me feel passing out but I will get used to..

It is a sunny day though. I had my breakfast [ it wasnt even breakfast as I ate almost nothing ] But I am not hungry either,this bloody people are enough to make me feel I dont want to eat anything.. Besides I read about water diet online.. Probably I should ask about it before taking it up..

I need to have a strict diet. I am not sure from where to burn fat as I am not fat either... Duhhh we will see.. Anyway. Hope that I get rid of here as soon as possible ughh..