Saturday, June 30

Deliver Us From Sorrow's Hold


    It always goes bitchy like that.. First begins like the sweetest dream to live with and then it turns out to be the most  sorrowful burden to make your soul to weep. One of my Canadian friend just said this someday: ''The ones we love hurt us the most''. I was just confused by thinking how could this ever happen? How can a person leave us so much in pain if we love enough to blink at little bit of mistakes ?? But you never recognize till you hit a wall and wake up from the pretty dreams.. Little mistakes? They are now huge as a mountain that you cannot move with them anymore. In the end you even don't understand how you have come this far.. Just feeling in dilemma '' is it either way to go or stay and struggle? ''. Picking up the choice of 'staying' with a little bit hope of something may change for the sake of love, because when we love we are blinded enough to have great expectations and we never want to fall down.. Extreme love gives it place to habitude. As if you have to take this nicotine to numb your soul, as if you cannot do without and the burst of some kind of feelings..
*feeling so lost*miss of the past*crying much*long for that person*waiting for so long*feeling so hopeless* and so on.. Yeah I felt them all somehow. I believe many of us experienced the same.. But life is going on.. We have to learn not to stay somewhere where we are not glad/pleased. Just for once '' be strong '' 

'' Tanrım, bana değiştiremeyeceğim şeyleri kabul etme gücü, değiştirebileceğim şeyler değiştirme cesareti ve bu ikisi arasındaki farkı anlayabilme sağduyusu ver...''