Wednesday, January 23

You Are So Good To Me

I got mad, so maddd.
Omg I have been pissed off whole day
and people came over me.
Yeah stupid ass people
I saw  that how fake they are
For sure I wouldnt upset myself,
but it was a good experience that people 
take credit of me and my account on formspring. So I just disabled.
Should I just stay and watch them?
Maybe I might return for the sake of Cashew
but for no one else at all. Because she is the only one whom I can trust and she is not faking at all. ♥ Love you so hard bro.
I am just tired of watching people
acting like they are somebody else who could they never be in their real lives.
What a pitty, attention seeking wouldnt 
make a person happy long lasting.
Man, stop complaining that you are always detested but be yourself so that people around love you more.
You reached your aim so here I am
out of the game, play on your own so if it is more entertaining. Because I am gone.