Thursday, March 14

Hospital Phobia Mania

I spent the whole night at hospital again.. In the evening my aunt and uncle came to visit us but I was very dizzy because of massive headache.So she directly measured my blood pressure it was 10-4 as the normal one is 12-8 then she insisted I should go and see a doctor although I refusedany times.. But at the end I waa taken to urgency. They gave me serum to increase my blood pressure. I wanted to escape because I even hate hygenic hospital scent, hospitals and I have blood disgust. I told these to doctor that I would faint when I am injected something but everytime they say it is not a big deal..

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Special thanks to male nurse as he cracked up my veins until he found the right one.Omg my arm hurts so much that I can hardly move it and it bled a lot.. Wheww I still feel disgusted a lot. Fuckers..I really dont know how I could come back home because I was like drunk and laughing at silly things as if I took some ecstasy LOL.. I still have low blood pressure though.. Anyways.
Night Night..

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