Tuesday, February 12

Cover Of The Book

Sometimes cover of the books might not give us the exact information about the content form and structure. We might be captivated by a random book that has an improper cover whereas some of the covers could be telling the best sparkling and striking sentece of a boring simple book.. The all I wanted to mean is covers sometimes lie..
Humans are like that as well.. We only see them from the surface but we would never know what is inside early before reading them... I try not to generalize nor judge but even I am one of those stupids who is fooled by what I see on the cover but not reading.. But there are also some people I regret to read because they ruin my psychology with their never ending rising and falling action that is rich in many foil characters and an only protagonist.. So I begin to think if it was worth to spend my time on that person. However my curiousity and good intentions can never be restrained.. I wanna read everyone to categorize and find a best place to keep on my shelf...

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