Wednesday, February 13

True Lovers Are Always Protected

It felt like the greatest rain after a huge storm. Warm and peaceful. I just waited to rain over me because I love that feeling. It is like purification, how blessing how holy it is because it rests my each pieces. I thought I was really lost this time in the storm, i was dragged here and there, my mind was damaged and my hands got hurt to help me to stand up, because I fell many times.. I began to feel scared because no one to help me to reach for the sun shine.. Wild leaves of the trees just covered it and I cant see the sun yet but I feel it..Because it was going to rise somewhow. Something I really forgot to do for a while. "Watching over the sky" .. Billions of stars, sparkling, fading, shooting.. I couldnt know which one to trust and such a grief covered my soul too and a bit anxiety. Maybe I lost my hope and it worried me, faith loss led me have the thought of "What if I could never be back home again??" .. I trembled for a while and sat on a rock to think over everything.. Something evil whispered in my ear "You keep losing your way"..I looked on to the ground and tried to trace my footsteps so that I get the mysterious hints to go back to the spot I started but NOOOOO, the rain washed and the wind swept them away.. I was helpless and felt like a kid who lost her best toy, so my lower lip curved down and I was drowned in my tears at all..But I only made a wish..The unconscious wish that is poured out of my lips to the air "Please God, show me the path I need to follow because I am all lost in this wild forest" and I thought that nobody heard at all.. So I begged for the little sign and repeated my words over and over because i felt that dark sky was falling over me to swallow me.. And the evilish sound in my ears again "you wont be able to survive, you are doomed to death in your fears"... I looked around but there was no one.. I was still struggling, therefore I closed my eyes and wished strongly deep from the heart.. Maybe God heard me this time and sent me sign up over the sky.. "Meine Morgen Stern" sparkled so bright to show me where I am, at that night..

[I get my inspire from the northern sky..]


1. Northern lights that are desired- Bernardo Fartingale, tk 25, 12p
2. Northern star- Emily Hedgetallis, fn 19, 94p
3. Morning star [german edition/ morgen stern]- Katherine Jèlovski cr/dn 19, 90p
4. Introduction to metaphors ♥
5. How to kick bitches- Hopen Darkenson
6. Le meilleurs amis- B.K Martinez, earth edition 365p

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