Friday, November 9

Silent Scream

Well probably my muscles are screaming silently because I am just finished with my exercise.. I am sure I burnt some calories.. Yeah I am losing weight by time and I feel glad cuz I lost more than 2kg within few days..

Well rainy days are back again.. I really love it but I am expecting snow as soon as possible ^^

Many changes..Where have I been last winter and now where am I.. Time time time.. It is the time which takes the ones we love away from us and it also brings new ones back.. Appearantly I am stranger to the old faces also new ones.. Nobody is the same, me neither..

Today some stupid stuff made me laugh inside indeed.. One of them is my ex bf's guy friend's girlfriend. She just typed me on facebook that she has an english exam tomorrow so if I could help? Hööö whole those years she even didnt say me hello ans now asking for help.. How funny that people only get closer to us when they need something for their benefits..I gave her my number so that she calls me around 5pm and now it is 6pm xD [Sighhhhh].. I think I wont pick up the phone when she calls [my hands cover my ears and la la la laaaa la la].. Besides how does she expect me to teach her on the phone? Such a fool but anyway..

Ohhhh forgot to tell, one of my Canadian friend called my name in a video record.. it was so sweet that she pronounced my name like Biiiiizaaaa [LOL]

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