Thursday, November 15

-Knock Knock. -Who is it? -I am Bad Mood.

Sometimes there are some unnecessary word salads that might already contain the main idea already. But the only thing is to wait patiently for people to comprehend. Acquisition joints.
Such a crazy morning and I feel terrible again. I wonder when this feeling will leave me forever. Go, go, go and please never come back. Because I dislike you.

Subject is always the same "she" and it is never replaced with any other subjects.. Why not it is "they" or "we" ?? 

I think there are some points when we are less enduring, I feel as if I am like this bulb above..  
I am just shattered and I dont know where my pieces are.. So if you know where it is just take it back to me as one piece is even better than none..

I need to gather them..

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