Friday, June 14

Paradise Regained

''To my eternal breath,
I take you in whenever I breathe
You are my immortality,
I love you like the tired tides struggle to reach for the sand, I love you like the noisy winds that go through the flowers to spread out their freshness and I need you like the butterflies need their wings to fly.
You are my thirst that I could never handle with, you are the blossom of a unique Eden tree.. You are the most precious gift from God to me.. And loving you is heavenly. Whenever my darkest melancholy surrounds me I just watch the stars, because you are up over the sky like my northern star. 
Give me a place in your little world and lets intermingle for the sake of love like the rivers intermingle to the oceans. 
You are my treasure, hard to gain and easy to lose.. But I will never lose. I will lock you in my heart and wont let you go forever and ever.. 
So I will love you not for today, not for tomorrow.. You will be with soul even in the afterlife..''

One another story began like this..I am sorry that I havent been able to type.. But many things
Anyway I am sleepy as I didnt sleep for a day..
P.S this was only summary..

I fell inlove
I wish Kat was working now, Because I am supposed to copy paste some blog entries to have them here.. It was all about love ofc..

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