Wednesday, June 6

Freaky Morning

Early in the morning around 7am I was woken up by mom saying that 'we are heading for the garden home' (which is a disaster for me cuz what a person would do in countryside, isn't it so boring?? ) ... Unconsciously I showed up my middle finger which made me burst into laughter after all when I recognised :D and mom was like that '' is it the thing you have learnt at school? '' ahahah I think it will take much time for mom to get accustomed to me !!

Here is the top 10 mission of the day !!

1. Have a nice breakfast
2. Go shopping
3. Tidy up the room
4. Take a shower
5. Do my hair
6. Keep writing the letter to Cashew
7. Make my puzzle
8. Surfing online 
9. Gonna wait for chocolate cake to be offered 
10. Hug my teddy bear Georgie and sleep !!!

                                        Actually I don't like strawberry but it feels good !!!

                                                      Exactly my situation after shopping !!

                                                        At least I don't wake up at 1pm :D

                           Thank you Yuko so that my hair at least is not as much curly as before !!!


Letter to Cashew.. Hope she likes it !!

Educa or Ravensburger !!!

                               I don't remember what was the sooooo interesting on the screen !!!

                     Chocolate cake mmmm, I love it.. I think I get why my friend eats with spoon :P !!

                                                Georgie, the welcoming teddy bear :D

                                                              And  sleeping  time

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