Friday, July 6

Never Faking

    Today was like yayyyy, the first time I spent almost 2 hours in bathroom..Yeah very peaceful.. But I hate that I am curly again and have to straighten my hair which takes time..These days I leave it curly and nobody used to see me curly because I dont like it.. I think there are only 2 people in the world who are yelling about their hair..One of them is Justin Timberlake and the other is of course me !! :D Many years ago I just read that he cannot shape his hair :D and yeah it is hard for me too mostly... I try to find few ways which would make me seem older than this one as three of my friends said that I look 16 years old in the picture ( I shared below) so should I smile or cry for that.. I took that picture approximately 13 days ago and I will keep my age as a secret (no matter it is not a secret though)  :DDDD

      In the afternoon my neighbour visited me which was surprising, as we haven't seen each other such a long time..She was my childhood friend though..We played guitar and talked about guys.. Guys are always the topic to talk about, especially how careless/mean/offensive they could be most of the time.. 
       By the way tomorrow is a big day.. KPSS exam. Millions of university graduates take the exam so as to be appointed as a teacher...I don't really want to talk about Turkey's education/exam system as it is a bit of shit.. So, what am I thinking about? Nothing at all.. I will just go and sleep and then wake up early in the morning to slap this exam!!! We will see...

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