Friday, August 3

Shooting Star

         Running tears just dry, I know it because I can't cry anymore. It wouldn't be cruelty.My not shedding tears wouldn't mean everything is alright and I never cry. I just cry inside. I wish you could see how deep ocean I carry inside of me made of my precious tears. Just for the worthless people ever in my life. It wouldn't mean I'm so dumb. I just loved the way of following my heart which requires courage and strength. I knocked at the wrong doors which were open but while I was stepping in they closed and I left my some pieces inside. The wind sometimes flew me over like a leaf here to there but I still didn't hit the ground, and I am here standing still beside you. Your eyes don't see, your heart doesn't feel me but I'm here to be hurt over again and again. So instead of leaving you sorrowful with my hopless heart matter, I'd love to be a shooting star then..While giving beloved you the reason and chance to make a wish of your life, I'd fall over the sky and die !!

P.S. I love pun (playing on words) and I had really strange feelings something like I'm confused, I hate, I love, I mourn, I am sad and I am glad.. Combination of emotional outburst and stream of consciousness technique just created this one.. Therefore, I wrote it for 5 important people in my life.. Rich in metaphors, symbolism, synecdoche, pun, allusion (for myself) and so on...
                                                                                                                   GOOD  NIGHT

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