Saturday, September 22

I Only Miss You When I'm Bleeding

This picture just made me smirk by feeling empathy few days ago.. There was a note below the picture like "only girls would understand it" ... and I will just share some comments...
Girl 1: it is pms cramps
Girl 2: she is suffering because of her period
Girl 3: on her bloody day
but one girl made a comment in an unusual way such as;
Girl 38282: sex position

LOL it made me laugh because she is either an idiot or transexual :D:D:D or did it on.purpose to take attention, it was funny funny though...
But appearantly number #3 and #7 dont look like sex position hahaha.. Sometimes I really dont understand people...Anyway it was a random topic to write about before I go sleeping.. Night night ♥♥

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