Thursday, September 20

Like I Promised

Actually i have many favourite bands but one of them is flyleaf. My dear Canadian friend Brittany likes them as well.. Last time we were talking about flyleaf and she asked me if i listened to "so i thought".. I couldnt remember for a while as i havent been listening to them for a long time. As my pc was broken down I was thinking how could i find that song and listen to but I checked my mobile whether i have it and hell yeah i have ^^ after listening to it I remembered :3 also remembered my teenhood lol..

Music is connecting people no matter how much you could deny...

In Flames < My Estonian friend Katja just introduced such a nice band... My favourite song by them is Metaphor... I am very glad that I see her online after 5 months silence.. And her obsession with John Petrucci :D I really hope someday she plays like him. 

Another story.. In 2008 i just met a girl named Jenni from Sweden (so called Sweden cuz I was terribly fooled by her hehe) she used to like *system of a down* and we exchanged almost what we have in our archives. To my surprise i got that she was a Turkish girl after 4 years..Anyway that is a long story which doesnt concern us anymore...

System of a down ♥ i think i will never forget this band as it has many stories.. Last May 4, 2012 when i was a new member on INTERPALS almost for a month, I was searching Finnish speakers as I had special interests to Northern countries and Scandinavia then I clicked on a profile randomly. I was just checking the profile and System of a down took my attention again.. And I decided to mail her.. Now Kaisa is my best friend and probably reading my blog...

So music... Music is the greatest thing we could ever have... 

Thank you guys for being with me whenever I need... :*

♥♥ (Bx2).(Kx2) ♥♥
Let the music play 》    |>

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  1. music shuffle: listening to kärsi by turmion kätliot right now :3