Thursday, September 27


Last night I just took out old pictures..
Some pictures that really made me smile... I was that fat?? In many pictures I look so funny and noisy that I felt proud of myself for being that noisy kid :D but of course I will not share the ones that you shouldnt see such as with panty etc... I would really want to have such a cute picture with diaper but unfortunately I quickly learnt not to poo pee when I was 20 months so my mom never needed to tie diaper unlike my sisters as they used to pee till their 7s :D:D:D  Anywayyyyyy...

1# my mom and dad in 1972, newly weds.. mom was 17 and dad was 24
2# my sisters, elder was 6 and eldest was 10
3# my elder sister (16) and me (3)
4# me (3)
5# me (3)
6# me (3) and my eldest sister (20)
7# the same day again..she used to like me a lot ahahah I really dont know why I was trolling :D
8# me (4) I used to have longer hair
9# my niece (few months) and me (4) .. I used to hate mom whenever she takes me to the hairdresser as she would really tell them cut too short that would make me cry at the end...
It is obvious that my sisters were the same (e.g pict 2)
By the way I am in almost all pictures after I was born... It is really good to have such a great age difference because I was raised as if I am the only little girl in my family... ^^ Sistersssss please dont feel jealous of me :P or get jealous :DDD
Beyza: you made my day little B.
Little B: well, thank you as it is my job but now I need to go as I have a mission to keep being noisy around till make people angry.
Beyza: OK. Maybe see you someday again.
Little B: Call me whenever you wish as I am there, in the deepest core of your soul..Just remember me.
Beyza: I will ...

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