Monday, October 15

Tongue Out

I really felt bored today as I am drowned in books..Many things to study, many things to note down and many things to learn.. Maybe bring your cup and join me because I have enough earl grey tea :) Mom just doesnt like its smell :D but dunno why. So I am at break and sipping my tea alone in my room :3
By the way I prepared such a surprise egg for my mom that it will make her have heart attack when she notices him in the fridge :D but ssshhhh I just wanna hear her shouting. I love teasing her at home from time to time because she becomes so funny and she also teases me xD That is a mother-daughter thing. Hope she doesnt kill me when I share this picture of her :D

hahaha she is a real troll [sssshhhh] she did it through the window which made me laugh out.

One night she came in my room like this lmfao. Still cute though, isnt she???

Here is my egg head :)) Yeah I know I am not good at drawing but it is good enough to make her freak out to ask me what the hell I just want from her poor eggs :D

Here my cup is :) I really love him, btw his name is Bluuuww, he has been with me for 4 years.. Yeah he.. Dunno, just I feel like it is a male xD and my friends call him as 25tl cup and they protected him from everything ahaha because it has 2 reasons 1.he is my mom's gift and 2.she paid 25tl to buy, 25tl is a lot money to buy a single cup in turkey :) I hope that he never gets depressed and slip from my hands to commit suicide
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