Friday, December 28

Turkkilainen Onni ja Amerikkalainen Georgie

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Well I was gonna post the picture of these two important figures in my life but I couldnt have time especially on xmas day.

As I mentioned before that we turkish people do not celebrate xmas. How pity but well I gave myself a gift :D

This is Onni.

Oh my God. I really love polar bears so much. They are very cute ^^
Onni means luck in Finnish and thanx for Cashew to give idea about names to find for him. It suits him as well.
These are Georgie and Onni

Georgie is now a big brother and he takes care of his little brother Onni lololol.

This is Georgie

He was very lonely before his little brother Onni was born. So he was extremely excited and clapping when he first saw Onni lol.

Dont ever ask why their colors are different, it is because they are biracial hahah..

Moral: No Racism, Yes Brotherhood.

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