Wednesday, January 16

Our Temperature Is Rising

Well it was such a busy day, mom called me that her friend is coming.. Urrghh I hate Turkish customs of welcoming the guests. Whaa do I have to sit and talk with an old lady at the same age with mom? OMG it is fucking boring, I prefer to do some stuff in my room on my own.. I tried to get ready in a short time. But my fucking hair, it is fucking curly that I need to do it everyday, either straighten or  brush blablabla ... It just reminds me of Justin Timberlake's big problem, in magazines: he said that "it is very hard for him to shape his hair because it is curly" .. Uhhh ohh c'moon, if he had my hair type he would probably commit suicide :DDDD

That is not a duckface pose xD I took randomly while talking to myself :D

Mmm Should I do like this? or What???

My last desperate check..

Okay, now I can get out of WC lol.

And I asked for permission to go out, yeah I ask for permission from our guests if it is okay for them.. Turkish culture you know.. I needed to post letters but it was freezing outside so I sat on a bank and thought a bit. Then I came back to home..
Nothing much remarkable indeed.. But I am happy ^^ Just to be me and be alive..

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