Saturday, January 19

Things I'll Never Say

I feel weird but not depressed ofc :) Waking up early makes me happier I guess and I am more dynamic. To admit that I am just taking back whatever I have given and it is a kind of relief for me.. It was all I have been thinking of while jogging.. The weather is more than windy.. But I really dont care because I have never felt that peaceful in my life.. I know bad things are gonna happen again but let me enjoy my day a bit.. Hell yeah I really dont care because I fixed few things in my mind that worry me in vain. 

In the evening my sister and nephew/niece visited. I just acted like sleeping because that monster never ever stop disturbing if my eyes are open :D but well yeah it worked so.

By the way I keep writing few things as a diary as well.. So there is no much time for anxiety, keeping myself busy with some stuff also works.. 

I love the way I am. I am proud because I am far different than my family. Hahaha no matter how much they try to control me, they wont be able to change me anyway..


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