Tuesday, January 8

Up On The Floor

Poor me !!!
Yeah poor me as I fell asleep on my floor last night that my ear folded and squeezed between my head and floor.. It was pretty red early in the morning.
It hurts a lot and cruel people because nobody woke me up so that I climb up on my bed and sleep in it.. I wont forgive you for that at all LOL.
Oh I was damn tired yesterday because I had voice chat with 3 friends in a row.
Theodora has a sweet voice that I never expected from her and she is very beautiful.
We had a lot to talk, especially gossip about the formspringers which made me laugh a lot indeed.. She is crazy.. Uhm not crazy, as crazy word is not enough to describe her personality but lets say she is insane.
Funny things are going around
but maybe I cannot mention
over here that nuch

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