Wednesday, January 9

When We First Kissed

Well to admit that
it was such a bad beginning to the first light of the day. Baby I know sometimes it is gonna rain as it cannot be sunny all the time but I dont feel alright.. I had my ex bf in my dream. We were really happy, hand to hand and then he hugged me so tight that I felt his warmth. He was kissing my lips saying that he missed me a lot.

Omg then I woke up.. Why these dreams dont  keep that long? Fufufufu..

I never got any news from him because the last time we really argued that we cant even make friends. It was more than 3 months ago when I last talked to him. I wouldnt want my relationship to turn into mess but people change by time.. But still I am thankful that I had happy and good memories.

I am pissed off again. Fuck this sudden mood change. I need to handle with it but I really dont know how to fix it. I am pretty tense and I try to control it at all. I am just bored and upset.. Sometimes people really dont understand me. Especially my mom.. She pisses me off at all because we are svery different. She doesnt want to understand my world and I really dont wanna be involve in her world.

Night Night.

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