Saturday, January 12

You Say You Dream Of My Face But You Dont Like Me

"I would cry when you are sleeping
I always hid in my own feeling.
Forgive me for my being
I hated you from the beginning."

Well these lines poured out of my lips.
I dont know I havent written any single  poem for a long time either.
So goodmorning fellas.
I had a sweet dream but naaa
I wont tell about but it.
I have no proper word to describe today.
It was such a weird day at all
To check my feelings indeed if I still have them or not. I was not me for sure.
So I just let it go, i spent the day outburst of laughter. My God, hope I am not going
insane hahaha.
I went for a walk a bit..
Weather was freezing
Yeah snow
Snowflakes on my forehead

Well I began my day with Justin
I know it is very old but dont know it made my day. Because it reminds me of my 17s.
Intro sounds like a Turkish song.
I mean the musical instrument
sounded me like Blacksea
region one.

Anyway my nephew made me sick the rest of the day.. Oh why this little guy is that shit head. He is only 7 but he is professional enough to get on my nerves. He makes noise, jumps on my bed..He is ultra hyper

That is mom and my nephew.
I took yesterday and mom will be spending her monday at dentist for her tooth.
Hahahah little bastard also pulled out his first baby tooth xD
It is surprising that both of them have the same teeth missing ahahaha

That is it. 

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