Sunday, February 3

But I Know You Wont Be There

The last time I saw your face seemed like yesterday to me. I suffer because I miss you. Yeah I miss you every single fucking day and you will never know. You will never know how much I feel and love you but you will never get it on your own way. I keep your name deep inside of my heart, because I am scared and terrified, not scared of anyone but just scared of you at all.. I have no fears, you know that.. Just, if I said it loud, you would go away. I miss your voice, I miss your face, I miss your scent even if I never felt, I miss your everything.. I was wishing that each passing day just removes the traces of you that makes me feel I am totally taking you out of my life and burrying you where you belong to, because I know it is impossible to have you, impossible because you could never belong to me and I just knew it but still ... I try hard, I try to distract myself but no, I dont have salvation, you are just killing me. How could I burn paradise and replace my whole world with you. You are my voice that I hear inside of me, you are the breath I take every second and you are in my dreams that I have every night. So how can I get rid of you? You are the biggest spell on me and you will never know because you will see,you will feel deep in you but I wont open my mouth to tell... I cant sacrifice, I am scared to death, I cant open my mouth that you stamped by your force but I will live till the end without you knowing that I will be loving you somehow, somewhere far away..

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