Monday, February 25

I Can't Breathe Easy

Ohh please dont frown, I know I havent been able to write for few days.. I didnt feel like to because of many sad things..
I just remembered a song that I used to listen when I was 15.

Cruel to the eye
I see the way he makes you smile
Cruel to the eye
Watching him hold what used to be mine
I cant breathe easy
Cant sleep at night
Till you are by my side

I cant breathe easy
I cant dream yet another dream
Without you lying next to me
There is no air

Curse me inside
For every word I caused you to cry
Curse me inside
I wont forget , no baby
I dont know why
I left the one I was looking to find
Ohhh why, ohhh whyyy???

Well I am just feeling disappointed and sad.. I just watcing people how they break and hurt me.. It was once them who asked me tobe in their lives and now I am thrown away as if an used tissue..

People who are kind turned so rude
People who are familiar became so strangers.

It is better to apologize and then leave them alone then because anger, selfishness, their benefits just erase the good deeds and the struggle I show them. However they judge me with little mistakes while their faults are as big as the world. I keep a blind eye so that we can fix the things but no, they just torture me with every single stuff by forgetting that I effort and they should forgive me for the sake of me for once...
But nooo, that is my fate to bear such pain.. However I learn, I learn how to give up, I learn not to give much of myself who doesnt deserve.. I know someday I will cool off too.. Like the stupid people all around me and at that time you will miss the precious things what you are given.. 
It will be too late.. 

Thoughts will be replaced by repentance ...
Requiem will not work to resurrect me ...
I will be the sorrowful knot in your throat.

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