Friday, February 15

It Doesnt Matter Anyway

Such a wondersome start to a new day.. Even if my health is getting worse.. I had backpain whole through the night that kept me awake..But emotionally I am still strong no matter what happens.. So you still have chance to get on my nerves by trying hard LOL. Ok it was kinda weird wish to talk about right now.. I am gonna have a breakfast as I am hungry.. I lost my appetite and lost few kilos again.. I dont know.if I should feel glad or upset, I dont have fat to burn..Last night I also noticed that my hair strings fall.. Am I getting older or something? LOL .. I dont really care.. Maybe too much stress to bear.. But well everything will change as I will never be standing at the same point now I am... So I need to go and get some life outside of here, I need to earn my life again.. It is not still late.

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