Wednesday, February 27

Noble Tears Counter

Maybe I don't feel alright right now.
Because of sudden sore throat..
I'm burning outside,freezing inside.
I think I am getting flu as well.
The matter is not the physical pain.
How about the mental/emotional one?
My mind is blowing so bad.
My feelings are so heavy to carry.
Irresistable pain waits for me to take.
But I know somehow I will handle.
People think nothing hurts me
and I am always fucking happy.
Yes I am because I need to be,
I try so hard to survive in this life.
But I always walk on the edge at all.
I am afraid to lose balance and fall.
Nobody understands, nobody can.
So please dont ever try hard on me.
Some friends but not the peace of mind
Everyday there is someone to hurt inside
I'm dying already with my own wounds
Am I that bad? Am I that wrong?
I wonder what is wrong with me.
One drop of tear brings the waterfall
Now I will tell you what I've done for you,
Fifty thousand tears I have cried.
And you werent there, you'll never be...

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