Saturday, February 2

On The Brink Of A Cliff

Actually I really dont know how to begin.
It was such a dreamy day that I woke up early with an anxiety. Yeah job interview. I gave some Demo class about how to teach English and ofc I got the job but I dont feel like doing it. These days I get some offers from many different fields but these are the jobs I am not glad with. Maybe I should study more and be appointed by the goverment and get away from home at the end of August.. I need that, I need to be so far away..
Then that wasnt the topic I wanted to talk about but anyway..

I dont understand people no matter how hard I try hard... From granny to mom and friends, everyone has different aspect. Yeah we should not be the same but what the hell, cant you be a bit normal please? Or am I the only one who is not normal? 

What kind of a world I landed on? 

What is the aim of this life?

Who I am?

Nothing, at all

Such a dumb.

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