Thursday, February 21

Would You Wait For Me Forever?

Sometimes ...
I wish ...
"I Wishes" are getting collected in my small box where I keep them locked..
I write them down on paper so that I read back and dont lose ever again.
Especially the things I couldnt do even if I wanted to achieve/have.
I wish ...
I wish ...
I really wish
I could go back in time
and fix the things that I couldnt
I am sorry for blaming people for the things I wish I couldnt do by myself and I will learn how to live with them whole through my life.
Now, taking action doesnt seem useful.
It will never work even if I try hard.
So it is too late to love and 
too early to lose..
Somewhere beyond the pain
there should be something to believe in
To live, to achieve, to bear.
I still live
I still breathe
I still continue to believe
My heart still beats
even if how much half I am.
Despite the dark hole deep inside my heart
So I will let the things undone.
I dont exactly know how and when but 
For sure there will be time span to 
be done. All done !!
Either here or there afterlife.
Now farewell thee.
Sincerely wish that someday
our paths cross again.

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