Sunday, March 17

A Place For My Mind

For 2 days I dont feel like doing anything nor talking to anyone because I am just ... I dont know really..There is something deep that I can never explain and it sinks me to the core where I came from.I think I began to like this loneliness.. I am not alone but weird that I feel fucking awful that nobody could cheer me up. I am tired maybe, tired of everything and I began to hate many things that they only drown me into nothing but melancoly.

I avoid of my actual friends. I dont know the reason.. Maybe because they stab me in the back constantly.. I am broken and they never think I could be feeling upset after all.. Just a fake sorry and then they think it will make me feel alright for a long time then we can maintain our friendship.. NO, it is not okay here. Of course I dont expect them to beg me whole through the life but I am just sick of people who make the same mistake over and over by looking into my eyes as if I am very tolerant person. Fuck them because it ruins everything instead of fixing. If you apologize then please do not repeat your same mistake so that you make me believe you are really sorry for that.

But noooo, why some people around me have to be so fucking? I swear I will let them go because they even ruin my mood and I end up with taking the anger of it from someone innocent.. :(  and I am sorry..

Maybe I am too emotional, maybe I am too much caring as I almost give my all. There is something wrong in it. I need to change it somehow because it lets me down whenever I expect little things.. Do you really know what it feels like? Anyway.. Never mind.

And something, I hate people whoever ruin the name of love.. God really protects real lovers that I believe.. If you break a sincere heart then you end up with the same that happens to you.. Haha I see your desperate status with the people whoever leave you half on the way. How lucky that God kept me away, it wasnt love but a good crush.. Dont you know the reason that I was about to kiss you to say you goodbye ^^ I am stone cold boy. I dont care so fuck you top to bottom, Ohh sorry your relationship life already fucks you ha.. So dont ever mention me the how to love because you stained it enough.

The more I see the more I get the experience.
Who cares even if it is sad.. Yeah it is true, I  sometimes get so desperate but I will stand still somehow. Everything you said doesnt make sense..

Yea Yea I seem nice but I dont need fucking fakers at all..No way.. I am with people who really deserve to be with me.. Get the fuck off  then.

Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

Fuck your night..

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