Sunday, March 10

Make A Sound

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There are some voices in my head that I can not get rid of and they are killing me inside slowly.. Whenever i remember I just want to be alone, maybe it is not easy to forget and forgive as it seems.. Those voices just sicken my soul and I cant tell it to any close person, nobody asks either.. I think I withdraw back into my shield again, quiet and calm like the patients who impatiently long for the silence of the death..

Ne hasta bekler sabahı,
[Neither a patient would wait the morning]
Ne taze ölüyü mezar.
[Nor a grave would wait the fresh dead]
Ne şeytan,bir günahı,
[Nor a devil would wait for the sin]
Seni beklediğim kadar.
[As much as I waited for you]

Geçti istemem gelmeni,
[Too late, I dont want you to come]
Yokluğunda buldum seni;
[As I found you in your nought]
Bırak vehmimde gölgeni,
[Leave your shadow in my dream]
Gelme,artık neye yarar.
[Dont come, there is no use anymore]

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